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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 57-60

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From page 57...
... • How can we make these samples available without compromising the main function of the newborn screening program?
From page 58...
... Anne Comeau, Deputy Director New England Newborn Screening program; Associate professor, Department of pediatrics, Uniersity of Massachusetts Medical School Opportunities for broader research 10:50–11:10 A.M. Sharon Kardia, professor and Chair of Epidemiology; Director, public Health Genetics program; Director, Life Science and Society program; Co-Director, Center for Genomics and public Health School of public Health, Uniersity of Michigan Implications of dataset linkage 11:10–11:30 A.M.
From page 59...
... born screening programs Alan Fleischman, Medical Director, March of Dimes Foundation Balancing issues from the patient/parent 1:40–2:00 P.M. perspective Sharon Terry, president and CEO, Genetic Alliance Informed consent and stewardship 2:00–2:20 P.M.
From page 60...
... Wylie burke, Roundtable Chair and professor and Chair of the Department of bioethics and Humanities, Uniersity of Washington

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