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9 Funding and Payment Issues
Pages 85-90

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From page 85...
... . Public Health Public health participants at the workshops noted that the free vaccine allowed jurisdictions to focus resources on distribution and administration.
From page 86...
... It is just a dangerous way to live, and we see that from event to event." Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies Healthcare providers and pharmacies also encountered costs during the vaccination campaign, but unlike public health authorities, they did not have access to federal grant money. Costs associated with vaccine administration included staff time to administer the shots and the administrative activities associated with large-scale vaccinations: scheduling, data entry, and managing supplies.
From page 87...
... As discussed above in the section on vaccine methods and administration, Sanchez of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas urged public health authorities to convene a national meeting for large health plans that, among other topics, would address issues such as reimbursement, funding, and information sharing so that health plans can be more fully integrated into the response system during future public health emergencies.
From page 88...
... Several participants said public health authorities, medical associations and healthcare providers, pharmacies, the insurance industry, and other stakeholders should hold a broad conversation about funding and payment in a public health emergency response. This should involve a strategic conversation exploring all aspects of the response, they noted, not just looking for ways to cover existing practices and procedures.
From page 89...
... • Public health authorities should engage with health systems, retail pharmacies, and healthcare insurers to address reim bursement issues. What lessons were learned during this event, and what systems can be put in place to simplify and streamline reimbursement processes in the future?

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