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7 Toward Developing a Cultural, Legal, and Behavioral Framework for Precompetitive Collaboration
Pages 49-54

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From page 49...
... According to Garry Neil, the high costs of drug development -- between $1.2 billion and $1.8 billion per drug -- are being driven by biological complexity and by the high rate of failure during development. Only one out of ten drugs pays back its development costs, he said.
From page 50...
... With universities, the desire to protect IP was solved in the SEMATECH case by sending them money. The important issue is to move from basic discoveries to something that will help patients, said Spencer, and "patents in that process are not very important." Neil cited as major problems an inadequate clinical research infrastructure and antiquated regulatory science.
From page 51...
... However some of the calls for precompetitive collaborations have been less successful than others, and some issues still need to be overcome as a collaboration proceeds. As Aled Edwards pointed out, this would include reevaluating the prohibition of an applicant sitting down to develop the plan in conjunction with the potential collaborating industry.
From page 52...
... . the academic research enterprise will follow." Thomas Insel challenged the Roundtable on Translating GenomicBased Research for Health to create a vision that can be shared by all stakeholder groups, including patient groups.
From page 53...
... shared. The present task is to work toward equity, if not equality, in sharing benefits and risks "so that there's something in it for everyone." FINAL THOuGHTS Eck summed up by identifying the ingredients needed to move forward, including incentives, appropriate forms of consent, funding, governance, a focus on specific topics to engage upon, and strong leadership.

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