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2 A Lesson About Precompetitive Collaboration
Pages 9-12

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... THE SEMATECH ExPERIENCE William Spencer, the chairman emeritus of SEMATECH, described how the semiconductor manufacturing industry responded when it faced a challenge that required collaborative efforts among competing companies.
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... The Department of Defense did not think that buying semiconductor chips from outside the United States was a good idea due to national security concerns about reliable and secure sources of chips, according to Spencer. This concern contributed to the formation of SEMATECH -- an acronym for semiconductor manufacturing technology -- as a cooperative effort between the federal government and the U.S.
From page 11...
... By the mid-1990s, the United States had regained its market leadership in the semiconductor industry. There were many reasons for that, Spencer acknowledged, including changes in tariffs, exchange rates, trade barriers, and technologies, but SEMATECH clearly played a role.

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