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Appendix B: Committee Meeting Agendas
Pages 121-126

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... Michael Dunaway, DHS End of Open Session 10:15 Closed Session (Committee and NRC Staff Only)
From page 122...
... APPENDIX B MEETINg 2: SEPTEMBER 9–11, 2009 WORKSHOP ON PRIvATE–PuBLIC SECTOR COLLABORATION TO ENHANCE COMMuNITy DISASTER RESILIENCE DAY ONE Welcome and Introductory Remarks 8:30 William Hooke, Chair Plenary Session 8:45–2:45 Panel One Why a Collaborative Approach to Community Disaster Resilience Must Become a National Priority Reactions and Reflections 8:45 Panelists: Jason McNamara, Chief of Staff, Federal Emergency Management Agency Mary Wong, President, Office Depot Foundation Jim Mullen, Director, Washington State Emergency Management Division Moderator: Randolph Rowel, Committee Member 9:30 Discussion Panel Two Building Community Disaster Resilience through Private–Public Collaboration: W hat Does it Take to Create and Sustain Effective Cross-sector Partnerships at the State and Local Levels? Best Practices for Establishing Sustainable Partnerships 10:30 Panelists: Brit Weber, Program Director, Michigan State University Jami Haberl, Executive Director, Safeguard Iowa Partnership Maria Vorel, National Cadre Manager, Federal Emergency Management Agency Moderator: Inés Pearce, Committee Member 
From page 123...
... Factors that facilitate or provide barriers to effective private-public partnerships • Topic 1: Facilitating Factors • Topic 2: Barriers Plenary Session 4:30–5:30 Summary and Discussion of Concurrent Sessions 4:30 Adjourn 5:30 
From page 124...
... Ron Carlee, County Manager, Arlington County, Virginia Leslie Luke, Group Program Manager, County of San Diego, California Moderator: Michael Lesnick, Committee Member 9:15 Discussion Presentation: The DHS voluntary Private Sector Preparedness 10:15 Accreditation and Certification Program Emily Walker, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States 11:00 Discussion 11:30 Lunch Concurrent Sessions 12:30–2:00 Workshop participants to break into four groups; each group to discuss both topics. Building Sustainable Partnerships • Topic 3: Sustainability • Topic 4: Resilience-building Efforts and Widespread Implementation F inal Plenary Session 2:15–4:30 Summary and Discussion of Concurrent Sessions 2:15 
From page 125...
... Stanton, Vice President, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore, Maryland Moderator: Arrietta Chakos, Committee Member 
From page 126...
... 8:00–5:00 MEETINg 4: DECEMBER 3–4, 2009 Held entirely in closed session (Committee and NRC Staff Only)

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