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4 Evaluation of Design Plans and Personnel Preparedness
Pages 51-56

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From page 51...
... generated by NBAF operations. With respect to the immediate infrastructure for the containment, collection, and treatment of residuals generated by the NBAF's proposed laboratory and suite of operations, the committee has confidence in the experience and the ability of the civil, environmental, and architectural engineering teams to design systems that meet or exceed the specialty residual decontamination challenges for this unique facility.
From page 52...
... Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service facility design standards strongly recommend backup HEPA filter units to allow filter changes without disrupting research (USDA-ARS, 2002; CDC, 2009)
From page 53...
... The decision to omit parallel redundant series of HEPA filters was made in contravention of both the BMBL and USDA ARS Facility Design Standards strongly recommending both HEPA filters in series and parallel redundant systems for BSL-3Ag and BLS-4 spaces. Appendix C of the SSRA states that "the [DHS-convened qualitative risk assessment subject matter expert]
From page 54...
... An example would be to reduce the square footage of completed BSL-3Ag holding rooms by abbreviating the length of stainless steel ductwork initially installed for the HVAC and stubbing the plumbing and electrical installations that lead to the containment rooms until funding is available for completing the project. That solution has been applied to comparable containment facilities, does not compromise safety, and ensures that the facility can accommodate future increased capacity to fulfill the NBAF mission.
From page 55...
... Work with zoonotic agents at the NBAF will need to conform to biothreat agent regulations, such as the Select Agent Rule, and other future regulations regarding biothreat agents will need to be anticipated. In addition, U.S.
From page 56...
... Fifth Edition. Available online at [accessed July 26, 2010]

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