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5 How Can Health Literacy Facilitate Health Care Reform?
Pages 49-54

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From page 49...
... HealthPartners It is clear from the workshop discussions that the ACA touches everything we do, Isham said. As written, health literacy is not a primary principle of the new law, and the challenge of incorporating health literacy into mainstream American health care persists.
From page 50...
... Another charge for accountable care organizations is to know their populations and be able to measure the health literacy of those they serve. Isham also highlighted the workshop discussions regarding the importance of making the business case for health literacy.
From page 51...
... Emory University School of Medicine Health literacy is fundamental to health care reform. It is the founda tion upon which efforts to reduce disparities, reduce costs, and improve quality can be built.
From page 52...
... Health literacy has as much to do with health promotion and wellness as it does with the health care delivery system. A participant from a leading health care organization said that they are working to accurately depict what the choices are for what is really a new membership group under health care reform, a generation of indi viduals who have never had health insurance.
From page 53...
... A participant raised a specific concern that under Section 2953 of the ACA (Personal Responsibility Education) , funding is restricted to education of young adults on reproductive health (pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases)

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