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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda and Questions to Panelists
Pages 209-212

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From page 209...
... Appendix B Workshop Agenda and Questions to Panelists January 11, 2010 Keck Center of The National Academies 500 Fifth Street, N.W., Room 100 Washington, DC PUBLIC FORUM 8:30 am Ethan Basch, American Society of Clinical Oncology Christopher Bever, Chair, Quality Measures and Reporting, American Academy of Neurology Terrie Cowley, President and Cofounder, The Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders Association Steven Findlay, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Consumers Union Merrill Goozner, Editor and Publisher, Health Tech Review/ David Paul Harries, International Spine Intervention Society Belinda Ireland, Senior Epidemiologist, BJC HealthCare Norman Kahn, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Council of Medical Specialty Societies Lisa Mojer-Torres, Chair, Citizens' Advisory Council for the Division of Addiction Services, State of New Jersey (via telephone)
From page 210...
... Developers I 10:05 Alice Jacobs, M.D., American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) Joan McClure, M.D., National Comprehensive Cancer Network Katrin Uhlig, M.D., M.S., National Kidney Foundation Jim Schibanoff, M.D., Milliman Care Guidelines Michael Bettmann, M.D., American College of Radiology Moderated by Dr.
From page 211...
... Earl Steinberg Panel Four: Organizational CPG Consumers 2:45 Marguerite Koster, M.A., M.F.T., Kaiser Permanente Southern California Kent Bottles, M.D., Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement Louis B Jacques, M.D., Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Richard Kahn, Ph.D., Former Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association Elizabeth Mort, M.D., M.P.H., Vice President, Quality and Safety, Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts General Physicians Organization Moderated by Dr.
From page 212...
... o What methods might be developed for determining which recommendations among those in a guideline should be applied to quality measures or electronic medical record decision prompts? o Is there an available assessment tool that adequate ly rates both the level of the scientific evidence and strength of clinical recommendations that should be used as standard practice in guideline development?

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