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Part II: Reports to the Survey Committee from the Discipline Panels
Pages 147-148

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From page 147...
... The panels also were chartered to develop a prioritized approach to addressing those questions in the most productive manner, and they were encouraged to investigate and report on the broader context of their proposed research, for example, how it pertains to societal needs, and to identify technological needs and means to address the most compelling science questions. Panel deliberations drew on information gathered at town hall meetings, three face-to-face 2.5-day panel meetings, and weekly teleconferences.
From page 148...
... The panels cast their scientific prioritization in the form of discipline goals and priorities, from which they derived more detailed scientific imperatives -- actions that are needed to make progress -- and, finally, implementation scenarios or reference mission concepts. It is important to recognize that panel-specific imperatives are not equivalent to survey report recommendations, which can be offered only by the decadal survey committee.4 The work of the three discipline panels was fundamental to the decadal survey, and it forms the foundation of Part I of this report.

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