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Appendix A: Statement of Task and Work Plan
Pages 327-331

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From page 327...
... Identify -- having considered scientific value, urgency, cost category and risk, and technical readiness -- the highest priority scientific targets for the interval 2013-2022, recommending science objectives and measurement requirements for each target rather than specific mission or project design/implementation concepts; and 4. Develop an integrated research strategy that will present means to address these targets.
From page 328...
... In addition to an integrated review of the current state of scientific knowledge and recommendations for future basic research directions to advance our understanding, the survey will provide implementation recommendations separately for NASA and NSF. For each science target, the committee will establish criteria on which its recommendations depend and identify developments of sufficient significance that they would warrant an NRC reexamination of the committee's recommendations.
From page 329...
... A Scientific Assessment and Recommendations The report should provide a clear exposition of the following: • An overview of heliophysics science -- what it is, why it is a compelling undertaking, the relationship between space- and ground-based science research; and its connections to other areas of scientific inquiry, for example, fundamental processes in astrophysical plasmas; another connection is with basic plasma physics; • A broad survey of the current state of knowledge; and • An inventory of the top-level scientific questions, prioritized by value, urgency, and technical readiness, that should guide NASA flight mission selections and supporting research programs and NSF's primarily ground-based investigations and supporting research programs.
From page 330...
... The prioritized science goal inventory from the previous section will form the basis for flight mission prioritization. NASA will provide an axiomatic budget runout for the survey decade, and the committee will allocate these resources into "budget packages." Recommended budget packages are: • Small flight investigations appropriate for the Explorer class; • A mix of small, medium, and large strategic flight investigations appropriate to goals of the SolarTerrestrial Probes program and the Living With a Star program; and • If budget guidelines permit, flagship flight investigations may also be recommended.
From page 331...
... on programmatic or cost trigger points for consideration of possible rescoping, deferral, cancellation, application of additional resources at the possible expense of other Heliophysics Division programs, or a reassessment by the NRC or by the NASA Advisory Council's Heliophysics Subcommittee. Other welcome recommendations would include those that address NASA-funded supporting research programs to maximize the science return from the currently operating and pending flight mission investigations and a discussion of strategic technology development needs and opportunities relevant to NASA heliophysics science programs.

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