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Appendix H: Request for Information from the Community
Pages 409-411

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From page 409...
... Identify -- having considered scientific value, urgency, cost category and risk, and technical readiness -- the highest priority scientific targets for the interval 2013-2022, recommending science objectives and measurement requirements for each target rather than specific mission or project design/implementation concepts; and 4. Develop an integrated research strategy that will present means to address these targets.
From page 410...
... They may be directed for action by NASA or the NSF; indeed, our audience includes all federal agencies responsible for the conduct of solar and space physics research and operations. We encourage concept papers that, for example, examine the potential of novel instruments or measurement techniques, including the use of orbital or suborbital vehicles of various sizes.
From page 411...
... The description should provide enough detail that the potential value and feasibility can be evaluated by an independent group of experts. We note that the National Research Council's ongoing Astronomy and Astrophysical Decadal Survey solicited Science White papers for their "Astro2010" activity.

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