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... Collectively, these programs make CMS the largest purchaser of health care in the United States, and it interacts with thousands of health care providers across the country ranging from individual physicians to hospitals large and small, as well as with other providers such as ambulance services and rural health centers. The agency's core mission was established more than four decades ago, with a mandate to focus on the prompt payment of claims which now totally more than 1.2 billion annually.1 More recently, CMS has been mandated to undertake new and expanded responsibilities for driving national improvements in such areas as the adoption of health information technology (IT)
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... These ongoing operational requirements are currently being met with a very large and complex information technology infrastructure that incorporates hardware, software, and communications systems that vary considerably in age, capability, and sophistication. The ability of this infrastructure to continue to keep up with the ongoing changes demanded of it -- particularly as the agency takes on its newly mandated leading role in modernizing the nation's health care system and underlying health information technology -- is an understandable source of concern.
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... The committee received a series of briefings by teleconference from CMS staff, and it convened an information-gathering workshop on September 27 and 28, 2010, to hear a range of perspectives internal and external to CMS. In addition to those sources of background and related information, this report draws on the committee members' individual expertise and experience with health IT specifically and with IT systems in general (see Appendix B for biosketches of the members of the study committee)

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