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4 Organizational, Administrative, and Cultural Challenges
Pages 12-14

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... To accommodate significant business change and to take advantage of modern IT solutions, it is common for all 1 Pure technology challenges arise when new technologies are emerging (current examples include service-oriented architectures and social computing) and the computational and operational models are technically incomplete and immature.
From page 13...
... However, the scope and scale of upcoming changes associated with the recent legislative mandates described earlier seem, in the committee's view, to present even greater challenges than any that CMS has thus far encountered. Part of grappling with the kind of transformation described in this report involves developing ways to ascertain the needed skill sets and key gaps in those skill sets as well as devising and implementing a plan to address those gaps.
From page 14...
... , each of which must participate in and support the modernization effort and adopt the resulting system. For example, the information system must align with organizational missions and goals; modernization requires management support and leadership to address significant challenges; and it requires the development and operational life cycles to have the means to support the transformation.

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