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... This ex- Ocean research infrastructure supports both fundamental pansive marine area represents a prime national domain for and applied scientific research that addresses urgent societal activities such as maritime transportation, national security, concerns such as climate change, human health, domestic energy and mineral extraction, fisheries and aquaculture, offshore energy production, national security, marine shipand tourism and recreation. However, it also carries with it ping, tsunami detection and severe storm tracking, sustainthe threat of damaging tsunamis and hurricanes, industrial able fisheries and aquaculture growth, and changes in marine accidents, and outbreaks of waterborne pathogens.
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... ocean research infrastructure is research infrastructure by following a number of best prac- defined as "the full portfolio of platforms, sensors, data tices: effectively and efficiently managing existing resources; sets and systems, models, supporting personnel, facilities, providing broad access to data, information, and facilities; and enabling organizations that the nation can bring to bear fostering collaboration at multiple organizational levels; to answer questions about the ocean, and that is (or could facilitating the successful transition of infrastructure from be) shared by or accessible to the ocean research commuresearch to operational use; and ensuring the next generation nity as a whole." The committee focused on ocean research of ocean science infrastructure.
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... • xamine and adopt proven data management E • aintain continuity of satellite remote sens M practices from allied disciplines. ing and communication capabilities for oceano- • acilitate broad community access to infrastruc F graphic data and sustain plans for new satellite ture assets, including mobile and fixed platforms platforms, sensors, and communication systems.

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