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5 Setting Priorities for Ocean Infrastructure Investments
Pages 53-56

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From page 53...
... Research infrastructure in place in 2030 will shape both • ill the research promote partnerships to expand the W the nature and quality of ocean science that is undertaken, as nation's capabilities (e.g., contributions from other well as the value that this science will generate for inform partners, including communities outside of ocean ing policy and management decisions. As noted throughout science, such as health science; unique timing of the report, the degree to which ocean research infrastructure activities)
From page 54...
... For example, the societal objective of tainty in making ocean research infrastructure choices can managing the nation's commercial marine fish stocks for be addressed in part through mechanisms for the treatment maximum sustainable yield can be advanced by improving of uncertainty in investment decisions (Dixit and Pindyck, the quality of information represented by stock assessments 2010) , and the emerging theory and practice of strategic and forecasts of fish stock abundance under different levels decision making about real options in research and developof fishing effort, environmental conditions, and ecological ment (Trigeorgis, 1996)
From page 55...
... the estimation of future economic benefits, there are limits to the precision with which this kind of mapping can be car Affordability, Efficiency, and Longevity ried out; development of a framework, however approximate, can indicate trends useful for prioritization. The challenge • s there an appropriate infrastructure portfolio to I of prioritizing ocean research infrastructure investments manage uncertainty?
From page 56...
... In the process placement of ocean research infrastructure assets should to optimize investments in ocean research infrastructure out be prioritized based on (1) usefulness for addressing lined above, decision makers (e.g., federal, state, and local important science questions; (2)

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