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Appendix C: 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting: Session on "Ocean Technology and Infrastructure Needs for the Next 20 Years": List of Presenters
Pages 83-86

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... Program" Presenter: NORMAN FARR Coauthors: Maurice Tivey, Jonathan Ware, Clifford Pontbriand, Daniel Frye "Integrated Optical/Acoustic Communications System for Deep Sea Data Transfer and Vehicle Control" Presenter: KANNA RAJAN Coauthors: Frederic Py, John Phillip Ryan "The Role of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Adaptive Robotic Observations" Presenter: BRANDON SACKMANN Coauthors: Mary Jane Perry, Eric D'Asaro, Craig Lee "The Role of Artifical Intelligence Techniques for Adaptive Robotic Observations" Presenter: KENNETH SEBENS "Marine Laboratories: Ocean Infrastructure and Technology for Research and Education" Poster Presentations (MT35A) – Wednesday, February 25, 2010 Presenter: LESTER LEMBKE-JENE Coauthors: Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch, Roberto Azzolini, Paul Egerton, Joern Thiede "Exploring the Polar Oceans in the 21st century -- The European Research Icebreaker AURORA BOREALIS Project" 83
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... Needs for Sustained, Systematic Observations of the Oceans from Satellites" Presenter: JOAQUIN HERNANDEZ-BRITO Coauthors: Eric Delory, Octavio Llinas "PLOCAN: a Permanent Observing System for the Central-Eastern Atlantic Ocean" Presenter: EDWARD ROGGENSTEIN Coauthors: David Finnegan, Robert Heitsenrether, Mark Bushnell "Development of Iridium Short Burst Data Messaging for Reliable Data Transmission and Potential for Event-Driven Two-Way Communications" Presenter: EDWARD DEVER Coauthors: John Kemp, Don Peters, Walt Waldorf, Chris Wingard, Toby Martin, Craig Risien "Recent Shallow Water Mooring Test Results off Newport, OR" Presenter: DAVID FISSEL Coauthors: Thomas Helzel, Vincent Mariette, Marc Pavec, David Lemon "Coastal Radar ‘WERA', a Tool for Hazards Management" Presenter: JNANESHWAR DAS "Towards Model Based Autonomy for Marine Bloom Prediction and Tracking with Multiple AUVs" Presenter: JONATHAN BERGER Coauthors: Kanna Rajan, Frederic Py, David A Caron, Gaurav Sukhatme "The Extended Draft Platform: A High Power, High Bandwidth, Deep Ocean Science Observatory" Presenter: GARETH LAWSON Coauthors: Andone C
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... Vernon "Advanced Communications for Remote Ocean Platforms in the Coming 15 Years" Presenter: PETER WORCESTER Coauthor: Brian D Dushaw "A Global Ocean Acoustic Observing Network" Presenter: JOHN MORROW Coauthors: Randall Lind, Stanford Hooker, Germar Bernhard, Charles Booth "Recent Advances in Shallow Coastal Radiometry"

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