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Appendix A: Summary of 2008 NEHRP Strategic Plan
Pages 205-208

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From page 205...
... The plan is founded on the premise that the continued success of NEHRP will emphasize the linked roles of the NEHRP agencies and their partners, based on a common vision and shared mission. The vision is "a nation that is earthquake-resilient in public safety, economic strength, and national security;" the mission is: To develop, disseminate, and promote knowledge, tools, and practices for earthquake risk reduction -- through coordinated, multidisciplinary, inter agency partnerships among the NEHRP agencies and their stakeholders -- that improve the Nation's earthquake resilience in public safety, economic strength, and national security.
From page 206...
... • Objective 3: Advance understanding of the social, behavioral, and economic factors linked to implementing risk reduction and mitigation strategies in the public and private sectors. • Objective 4: Improve post-earthquake information acquisition and management.
From page 207...
... Following the adoption of the plan, the NEHRP agencies propose to jointly develop a Management Plan to detail Strategic Plan implementation activities that are consistent with agency appropriations and funding priorities. The costs of earthquake loss reduction and post-earthquake recovery are shared by the public and private sectors.
From page 208...
... Although NEHRP will remain focused on the elements of the Strategic Plan, the agencies will adapt to contingencies and opportunities that may arise. If a major earthquake occurs in the United States during the plan period, NEHRP will initiate efforts to study the effects and impacts of that event, including successes, failures, and unforeseen problems that arose in mitigation, response, and recovery practices and policies, and adjust the plan as needed.

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