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... , the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) -- a semi-autonomous agency -- is responsible for securing fully and partially assembled nuclear weapons and significant quantities of special nuclear material (SNM)
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... RECOMMENDATION 3-2: NNSA should utilize relevant techniques traditionally associated with risk assessment to improve its understanding of risk -- specifically including an analysis of the security system -- along with creative scenario generation techniques and security best practices. RECOMMENDATION 4-1: The committee recommends that DOE/NNSA generate a range of plausible and specific objectives that the site security system is intended to preclude, for use in scenario generation.
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... RECOMMENDATION 4-5: The committee recommends that DOE Headquarters take on the responsibility of defining an overall deterrence strategy for the nuclear weapons complex, subject to evaluation by deterrence subject-matter experts. RECOMMENDATION 5-1: The committee recommends that DOE focus its communication efforts aimed at Congress and the administration on risk management rather than on the risk to the nuclear weapons complex.

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