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Appendix A: Committee Biographical Sketches
Pages 181-184

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From page 181...
... Dr. Montañez is a field geologist and geochemist whose research focuses on the sedimentary archive of paleoatmospheric composition and paleoclimatic conditions, in particular reconstructing records of greenhouse gas-climate linkages during periods of major climate transitions.
From page 182...
... His research interests are focused on paleoceanographic and paleoclimate events recorded in the stratigraphic record, using sedimentological and geochemical data integrated with high-resolution sequence and isotope stratigraphic techniques to understand controls of the ancient carbon cycle and biogeochemical feedbacks within the biosphere.
From page 183...
... Dr. Kiehl has served on the National Research Council Committee on Global Change Research and Climate Research Committee, and he was a contributing author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report.
From page 184...
... During this time he participated in numerous research cruises -- many as chief or co-chief scientist -- and he was cochief scientist for Ocean Drilling Program Leg 182. His research activities focused on the role of climate as a primary control on carbonate reef formation and on efforts to improve the understanding of cool-water carbonate depositional processes.

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