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Appendix A: Methods
Pages 149-152

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From page 149...
... In areas in which the committee identified a need for additional information, outside experts were called upon at a public workshop held on June 2, 2010, in Washington, DC, titled "Emerging Issues, Programs, and Policy Needs in Early Childhood Obesity Prevention." The ideal evidence to support policy recommendations would be a series of experimental studies testing the impact of various policies on childhood obesity in representative settings. Given the rarity of such studies and the urgent need to address the enormous health impacts of obesity, however, we could not restrict ourselves to making recommendations in the few areas in which such firm evidence exists.
From page 150...
... That is, we recommend policy changes expected to increase physical activity or promote more healthy eating in children because such intermediate outcomes are themselves associated with prevention of childhood obesity. Our recommendations are predicated on the belief, supported by evidence, that a change in the target of a policy will produce the desired change in obe sity or its behavioral risk factors (e.g., a policy resulting in reduced consumption of soft drinks would contribute to obesity prevention)
From page 151...
... As new evidence emerges, it will be important to reexamine our policy recommendations and make any necessary revisions. Thus it is essential to act aggressively based on what is known now while putting in place the necessary processes for research and policy evaluation to ensure that action can be taken even more wisely and effectively in the future.

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