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Appendix B: Vicarious Calibration
Pages 87-89

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From page 87...
... All source is selected as the surface reference site of Lw values, of these quantities depend on wavelength, and all but the Lw the site is instrumented with a robust, high-quality assured term can be determined from ancillary data (e.g., surface measurement facility, and the experiment is designed so as to pressure is required to calculate Lr, wind speed for Lf, etc.) or, for La, through models combined with near-infrared 2 Uncertainty can be classified as arising from random or systematic measurements of the surface area that is being used for the effects.
From page 88...
... Unidentified or tion is found at the MOBY facility, with its stable marine difficult to quantify bias introduced by the "atmospheric atmosphere, central Pacific location, uniform oligotrophic correction" (e.g., the process of estimating all the terms waters, and robust instrument design that results in good in the measurement equation except Lw) are mitigated by measurement precision.
From page 89...
... The MOBY project has gone to great effort to tion and the other equally robust sites, serving to explore meet these objectives by incorporation of check standards, the intricacies of the atmospheric correction methods, dark repeat calibrations, close linkage with NIST, expert and pixel assumptions, and the satellite sensor characterization dedicated staff, good instrument design, and so forth. The functions themselves.

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