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2 Review of Methods
Pages 24-28

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From page 24...
... The committee's rationale for providing general comments is that the specific elements of the charge are inseparable from the approach used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
From page 25...
... Although the draft IRIS assessment does not explicitly acknowledge these steps, they are implicit in the approach and are ordered as shown. Evaluate Select Studies for Calculate Identify Evaluate Weight of Derivation of RfC and UR Evidence Evidence Evidence RfCs and URs Use Systematic Apply Uniform Apply Weight-of- Assess Heterogeneity Apply IRIS Review Process Approach to Evidence Criteria Select Key Studies Approach Study Evaluation FIGURE 2-1 Elements of the IRIS process.
From page 26...
... In general, the committee found that the draft assessment was not prepared in a transparent, consistent fashion with clear linkages to an underlying framework as it moves from review of the relevant evidence to calculation of the RfCs and unit risk estimates and characterization of their uncertainty and variability. The committee did not find sufficient documentation of methods and criteria for identifying the epidemiologic and experimental evidence to be reviewed, for evaluating individual studies, for assessing weight of evidence, for selecting individual studies for derivation of toxicity and risk estimates, or for characterizing uncertainty and variability.
From page 27...
... The committee found variable detail in how the weight-of-evidence criteria had been applied. Uniformly developed discussions applying the weight-of-evidence criteria cannot be identified at appropriate points in the text.
From page 28...
... Integrated Risk Information System, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC [online]

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