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... convened an expert committee to explore this issue. The Committee on Highly Successful Schools or Programs for K-12 STEM Education was charged with "outlining criteria for identifying effective STEM schools and programs and identifying which of those criteria could be addressed with available data and research, and those where further work is needed to develop appropriate data sources." This effort also included a public workshop on May 10-11, 20111 that was planned to address the following charge: An ad hoc steering committee will plan and conduct a public workshop to explore cri teria for identifying highly successful K-12 schools and programs in the area of STEM education through examination of a select set of examples.
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... This decision was influenced by the fact that the bulk of the research and data concerning STEM education at the K-12 level relates to mathematics and science education. Research in technology and engineering education is less mature because those subjects are not as commonly taught in K-12 education.3 Although integrating STEM subjects is not the focus of this report, the committee recognizes the variety of conceptual connections among STEM subjects and the fact that science inquiry and engineering design provide opportunities for making STEM learning more concrete and relevant.

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