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Summary of Criteria to Identify Successful K-12 STEM Schools
Pages 25-26

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From page 25...
... Effective STEM instruction capitalizes on students' early interest and experiences, identifies and builds on what they know, engages them in STEM practices, and provides them with experiences to sustain their interest. Key elements that contribute to effective STEM instruction include a coherent set of standards and curriculum, teachers with high capacity, a supportive system of assessment and accountability, adequate instructional time, and equal access to quality STEM learning opportunities.
From page 26...
... Still, it is important to pay attention to these practices in STEM because the research suggests that some strategies are unique to STEM learning and some challenges particularly affect success in STEM. STEM education is vital to our nation's continued growth, leadership, and development, but this report has documented some important shortcom ings that could hinder our progress.

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