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Appendix B: Summary of Online Questionnaire Results
Pages 163-168

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From page 163...
... The questions provided an opportunity for respondents to identify the most important science questions for the coming decades and to share thoughts on the "next generation" of polar scientists. Following a short set of general background questions (career stage, scientific discipline)
From page 164...
... Questionnaire respondents included graduate students (pre-Ph.D.) and early-career scientists, midcareer scientists, and late-career scientists (see Figure B.2)
From page 165...
... Note that questionnaire respondents were permitted to select more than one option to answer the question, "Where have you conducted research? " TABLE B.1 Respondents Represented a Range of Disciplines That Were Grouped into Eight Categories Discipline Respondents (%)
From page 166...
... About 15 percent indicated that they became involved via an established colleague, and 10 percent answered that they wrote a proposal that was funded. PIs were also asked if they were able to find the postdocs and graduate students that they needed.
From page 167...
... Appendix B FIGURE B.4 Responses to the online questionnaire question regarding the availability of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and more generally a "next generation of scientists." The majority of respondents indicated that there is a next generation to carry the science forward in the coming decades.

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