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6 Process for Regularly Updating the Recommendations
Pages 157-162

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From page 157...
... Here, the committee recommends a process supported by guiding principles that separates assessment and coverage decisions. The co-mingling of evidence reviews and coverage decision making in one body could result in skewing scientific results and a decrease in transparency in the rationale for the coverage decision.
From page 158...
... Thus, the committee does not recommend adding coverage decision making to the scope of work of existing evidence review bodies or bodies that develop clinical guidelines. Recommendation 6.2: The committee recommends that the Secretary of HHS establish a commission to recommend coverage of new preven tive services for women to be covered under the ACA.
From page 159...
... Recommendations will also need to be made by the commission regarding updates of evidence reviews and coverage decisions. Five years is a common benchmark for reevaluation of clinical practice guidelines and is the benchmark used by the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, but the committee notes that the process of scanning for new developments often uncovers issues that may require updates at other times.
From page 160...
... DISCUSSION Bringing coverage for clinical preventive health care services into rational alignment with coverage for other health care services provided under the ACA will be a major task. The committee notes that many of the individual components are already managed within HHS but currently lack effective coordination for the purposes outlined in the ACA and that some functions are entirely new.
From page 161...
... The committee's recommendations are forthcoming. Although the ACA's preventive coverage rules are clearly directed at clinical services, the committee recognizes that in view of the critical importance of community-based preventive services and the public health system in achieving clinical aims, the committee thus encourages the Secretary to consider widening the scope of authority to include public health efforts to more comprehensively address prevention (e.g., as discussed in Healthy People 2020: Topics & Objectives [HHS, 2011]
From page 162...
... 2011b. Finding what works in health care: Standards for systematic reviews.

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