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7 Findings and Recommendations for Addressing Identified Gaps in Preventive Services for Women
Pages 163-168

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From page 163...
... Table 7-1 summarizes the committee's recommendations for preventive services that could supplement currently recommended preventive services. CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS FROM THE COMMITTEE The committee noted that a number of women's health-related research needs identified throughout the study process have been addressed more comprehensively in other Institute of Medicine (IOM)
From page 164...
... preventive service for Department of Defense. Peer- women: the addition reviewed studies demonstrate of high-risk human that improved testing papillomavirus DNA technologies, particularly testing in addition to combined screening using both cytology testing in women conventional cytology and with normal cytology high-risk HPV DNA testing, results.
From page 165...
... the American Medical Association, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Recommendation 5.5 Contraceptive Not The evidence provided to methods and Addressed support a recommendation The committee counseling related to unintended recommends for pregnancy is based on consideration as a systematic evidence reviews preventive service for and other peer-reviewed women: the full range studies, which indicate of Food and Drug that contraception and Administration-approved contraceptive counseling, contraceptive methods, are effective at reducing sterilization procedures, unintended pregnancies.
From page 166...
... , provider should provide and clinical professional counseling services to all guidelines such as those pregnant women and to set forth by the American those in the postpartum Academy of Family Physicians, period to ensure the the American Academy of successful initiation and Pediatrics, and the American duration of breastfeeding. College of Obstetricians and (The ACA ensures that Gynecologists.
From page 167...
... The committee noted in its final deliberations that the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) deserves much credit for identifying a nearly complete list of recommended preventive services for women.
From page 168...
... The 2009 IOM study Initial National Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness Research examines priorities for considering cost-effectiveness in developing policy decisions (IOM, 2009a)

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