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Appendix C: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 101-103

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... C Acronyms and Abbreviations AOR area of responsibility C4ISR command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, sur veillance, and reconnaissance CAOCL Center for Advanced Operational Culture and Learning CG commanding general CLIC company-level intelligence cell CLOC company-level operations cell CM collection management COA course of action COIN counterinsurgency CSE cognitive systems engineering CTA cognitive task analysis DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DDR&E Director of Defense Research and Engineering DFT data-frame theory DOD Department of Defense DTCS Distributed Tactical Communications System ECO enhanced company operations EEG electroencephalography EMO enhanced Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations 101
From page 102...
... 102 IMPROVING THE DECISION MAKING ABILITIES OF SMALL UNIT LEADERS FITE Future Immersive Training Environment fMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging FMV full-motion video GAO Government Accountability Office HB heuristics and biases HCI human-computer interface HSCB human socio-cultural behavior IED improvised explosive device IIT Infantry Immersion Trainer IMEF I Marine Expeditionary Force ISAF International Security Assistance Force ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance JCTD Joint Capability Technology Demonstration LOE Limited Objective Experiment MAGTF Marine Air-Ground Task Force MCCDC Marine Corps Combat Development Command MCDP Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication MCWL Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory MTT Mobile Training Team NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NCO noncommissioned officer NDM naturalistic decision making NIPRnet Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network NRC National Research Council NSB Naval Studies Board ONR Office of Naval Research OR operations research OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense PDA personal digital assistant R&D research and development RE resilience engineering ROE rules of engagement RPD recognition-primed decision making
From page 103...
... 103 APPENDIX C SA situational awareness SAT Systems Approach to Training SC MAGTF Security Cooperation Marine Air-Ground Task Force SEU subjective expected utility SIPRnet Secret Internet Protocol Router Network TDA tactical decision aid TECOM Training and Education Command TIGR Tactical Ground Reporting TTPs tactics, techniques, and procedures UAV unmanned aerial vehicle USMC U.S. Marine Corps

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