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Appendix D: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 192-197

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From page 192...
... D Acronyms and Abbreviations AAW antiaircraft warfare ABI airborne-based interceptor ABIR airborne infrared ABL Airborne Laser ABM antiballistic missile ABMDA Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency ABT air-breathing threat ADSAM air-directed surface-to-air missile AEU antenna equipment unit AHTK airborne hit-to-kill ALHK air-launched hit-to-kill ALTB airborne laser test bed AMRAAM advanced medium-range air-to-air missile AN/TPY Army Navy/transportable radar surveillance AO adaptive optics APS American Physical Society ASAT antisatellite ASUW antisurface warfare ASW antisubmarine warfare ATR automatic target recognition AUPC average unit production cost BAMBI ballistic missile boost intercept BILL beacon illuminator laser BMC2 battle management command and control 192
From page 193...
... APPENDIX D 193 BMC3 battle management command, control, and communications BMC4I battle management command, control, communications, computing, and intelligence BMD ballistic missile defense BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Office BPI boost-phase intercept C2 command and control C2BMC command and control battle management center C3 command, control, and communications C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence CAP combat air patrol CBO Congressional Budget Office CE capability enhancement CEU cooling equipment unit COCOM combatant commander COIL chemical oxygen-iodine laser CONOPS concept of operations CONUS continental United States CSV cable support vehicle DACS divert and attitude control system DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DEM/VAL demonstration and validation DISA Defense Information System Agency DOD Department of Defense DOE Director of Estimating DOF degrees of freedom DOT Department of Transportation DSP Defense Support Program DTRM dual-thrust rocket motor ECS engagement control station EEU electronic equipment unit EKV exoatmospheric kill vehicle EMD engineering and manufacturing development EO electro-optics EOR engage on remote EPP electronic power plant ERIS exoatmospheric reentry interceptor system EWS early warning system FAIR fly along infrared
From page 194...
... HEL high-energy laser HF/DF hydrogen fluoride/deuterium fluoride HTK hit to kill IBCS integrated battle command system ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile IDT IFICS data terminal IFICS in-flight interceptor communications station IFTU in-flight target update IOC initial operational capability IOT&E initial operational test and evaluation IR infrared IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile ITOF interceptor total time of flight KEI kinetic energy interceptor KKV kinetic-kill vehicle KV kill vehicle LADAR laser detection and ranging (laser radar) LCC life-cycle cost LOR launch on remote LOS line of sight LRIP low rate initial production LSRBM long- and short-range ballistic missiles LWIR long-wave infrared
From page 195...
... APPENDIX D 195 MCS mission control system MDA Missile Defense Agency MDIOC Missile Defense Integrated Operations Center MEADS Medium Extended Air Defense System MILCON military construction MKV multiple kill vehicle MRBM medium-range ballistic missile MSE missile segment enhancement (improved PAC-3) MSX midcourse space experiment MTS-B multispectral targeting system, version B NAS National Academy of Sciences NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NCADE network-centric airborne defense element NGAM next-generation Aegis missile NMD national missile defense NRC National Research Council O&S operations and support O&S sunk operations and support (expended)
From page 196...
... 196 APPENDIX D SBX sea-based X-band radar SBIRS spaced-based infrared aystem SDACS solid divert and atitude control system SECDEF Secretary of Defense SES shoot-engage-shoot SFS shoot-fail-shoot SLS shoot-look-shoot SM standard missile SM-3 Standard Missile-3 SMRBM short- and medium-range ballistic missiles SPY-1 naval phased-array radar SRBM short-range ballistic missile STSS Space Tracking and Surveillance System T2Go time to go TBM theater ballistic missile TBMD theater ballistic missile defense TDACS Throttleable Divert and Attitude Control System TEL transporter erector launcher TFCC THAAD fire control and communications THAAD Terminal (formerly theater) High-Altitude Area Defense TILL tracking illuminator laser TOM target object map TOS tactical operations station TPY-2 forward-based X-band radar T/R transmit/receive TRL technology readiness level TSC theater surface combatant TSG tactical support group TSRM third-stage rocket motor TWAA tactical warning and attack assessment UAV unmanned aerial vehicle UEWR upgraded early warning radar UHF ultrahigh frequency USA United States Army USAF United States Air Force USMC United States Marine Corps USN United States Navy
From page 197...
... APPENDIX D 197 VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base, California Vbo Burnout velocity VLS vertical launch system WMD weapons of mass destruction XBR X-band radar

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