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Appendix A: Committee Biographies
Pages 139-143

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From page 139...
... His research expertise is in processing-structure-property relationships, complex failure processes such as fatigue and creep in advanced metals, and material selection processes. His past work has included devel opment of titanium, intermetallics, and metal matrix composites for the automotive industry.
From page 140...
... This was the most senior technical position in a 325-person comprehensive materials engineering organization specializing in gas turbine engine materials and processes, including all phases of their development, characterization, and use in products. His responsibilities included oversight of technical projects and technology development programs, resolution of technical and product issues, and strategic planning for future technology and discipline development efforts.
From page 141...
... ; cost modeling of a next-generation Navy hovercraft for the ONR ManTech program; development of a "stowable" megayacht helicopter landing platform; calculation of riser loads for a floating transit offloading and storage plat form; revision of NAVSEA Technical Publication T9074-AX-GIB-010/100, "Material Selection Requirements," to include updated guidelines for composites; and development of the Technology Road Map for Shipboard Naval Composites for the ONR ManTech program.
From page 142...
... These collaborations include projects in fuel cell component manufacturing, lightweight materials, and nanomanufacturing technologies. He previously served as director of the Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Consortium (a supplier group hosted by NCMS)
From page 143...
... He has served on the editorial board for Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science; the Scientific Advisory Board for the AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate; the National Academies Technical Assessment Board for the ARL Panels on Air and Ground Vehicle Technology and on Armor and Armaments; the National Science Foundation Panel on Nanomechanics; and the Expert Review Committee on Materials Science, Canada Foundation for Innovation. He is currently chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Canadian Magnesium Network.

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