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Appendix B: Workshop Summary Record
Pages 247-250

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From page 247...
... The government delegates from both sides introduced the evolution process, current status, future development, applications, and international cooperation of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite system and the GPS system. In an atmosphere featuring openness, candor, and friendliness, experts and scholars conducted a frank exchange and extensive discussions on themes of GNSS compatibility and interoperability, system monitoring and service improvement, satellite navigation terminal and application technology, as well as talent exchanges.
From page 248...
... It has already aroused multiple GNSS providers' attention because it would enable GNSS users to estimate their longitude, latitude, altitude, and time offset based on any four satellites chosen from the interchangeable constellations. GNSS interchangeability is more a policy issue than simply a technical issue.
From page 249...
... In conclusion, both sides have achieved basic identification of relevant technical issues. More mutually beneficial and fruitful exchange activities and coopera tion will be conducted in the future.

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