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Appendix D: Acronyms
Pages 265-268

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From page 265...
... Appendix D Acronyms ABAS aircraft-based augmentation system APNT alternate position, navigation, and time ARAIM advanced receiver autonomous integrity monitoring ARNS Aeronautical Radio Navigation System BD NAV BeiDou navigation BDC BeiDou Coordinate System BDT BeiDou system time BOC binary offset carrier BPS bits per second BT BeiDou time BTRF BeiDou Terrestrial Reference Frame CAE Chinese Academy of Engineering CBOC composite binary offset carrier CDMA code division multiple access CGCS 2000 China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000 CL civilian long length code CM civilian moderate length code CNAGA China National Administration of GNSS and Applications CONUS conterminous United States CORS continuously operating reference stations CS clock set CTRF 2000 China Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000 265
From page 266...
... GM Gravitational Mass GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems GPS Global Positioning System GPST GPS Time GRS Geodetic Reference System HAL horizontal alert limit HDOP horizontal dilution of precision HMI hazardously misleading information HPL horizontal protection level ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICD interface control document ICG International Committee of GNSS IFB inter-frequency bias IFR instrument flight rules iGMAS international GNSS Monitoring and Assessment System IGS International GNSS Service ILS instrument landing systems IME inter-measurement element IMU inertial measurement unit INS inertial navigation systems IPP ionospheric pierce point IRNSS Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System IRU inertial reference units ITRF International Terrestrial Reference Frame ITRS International Terrestrial Reference System ITU International Telecommunication Union
From page 267...
... 267 APPENDIX D LAAS Local Area Augmentation System LEO low Earth orbit LPV localizer-precision with vertical guidance LSQ LightSquared Corporation MCS master control stations MEO medium Earth orbit MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standards MTBF mean time between failures MTTR mean time to restoration MS monitor stations MSAS Multi-Functional Satellite Augmentation System NAE National Academy of Engineering NANU GPS Notice Advisory to Navstar Users NAS National Airspace System NextGen Next Generation Air Traffic Management System NRC National Research Council NTSC National Time Service Center NUTC national universal time coordinated OBAD old but active data OCE outer-comparison element PANDA position and navigation system data analyst PDOP position dilution of precision PE positioning error PL protection level PNT positioning, navigation, and timing PPD personal privacy device PPP precision point positioning PRN pseudo random noise PVT position, velocity, and time PWV precipitable water vapor QZSS Quasi-Zenith Satellite System RAIM receiver autonomous integrity monitoring RDSS Radio Determination Satellite Service RFI radio frequency interference RMS root mean square RNAV radio navigation RNP required navigation performance
From page 268...
... 268 GLOBAL NAVIGATION SATELLITE SYSTEMS RNSS regional navigation satellite service RO radio occultation RP relative positioning RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics SARPS standard and recommended procedures SBAS space-based augmentation systems SGE signal generation element SLR satellite laser range SOL safety of life SoW second of week TDOP time dilution of precision TFS Time and Frequency System Tgd Tau group delay TMBOC time multiplexed binary offset carrier US upload stations UAT universal access transponder URAE user range acceleration error UDRE user differential range error URE user range error URRE user range ratio error UTC Coordinated Universal Time VAL vertical alert limit VLBI very long baseline interferometry VDOP vertical dilution of precision VOR VHF omni-directional range VPL vertical protection level WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System WAM Wide Area Multilateration WGS World Geodetic System WIPP WAAS Integrity Performance Panel WN week number WRS WAAS reference station

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