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Appendix C: Survey of Water Reclamation Costs
Pages 251-256

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From page 251...
... Survey of Water Reclamation Costs The committee is charged to consider how dif The National Research Council is currently con- ferent approaches to water reclamation vary in terms ducting a comprehensive study of the potential for of cost, and how these costs compare to the costs of water reclamation and reuse of municipal wastewater other available water supply alternatives. To complete to expand and enhance the nation's available water sup- its charge, the committee determined that it needed ply alternatives.
From page 252...
... Please fill out the attached Excel spreadsheet with regard to each of the three water treatment grades listed above for each of the following: 6.1. Capital costs, including all subsidies, as $/Kgal of rated plant capacity.
From page 253...
... 12. Please describe any concentrate management issues faced when implement ing your reuse project, and how these were resolved.
From page 254...
... For example, this would include costs up through the disinfection stage in a conventional activated sludge plant. If the reclaimed water facility purchases the secondary effluent from a wastewater treatment plant, these costs should be stated here (enter "0" if there is no charge for the secondary effluent)
From page 255...
... Column "b" costs might include a filtra tion step followed by chlorine disinfection required to produce effluent suitable for irrigation or industrial use. Column "d" costs would include costs to take the reclaimed water and polish it further to result in a product that could be injected or put into a surface impoundment for indirect potable reuse.
From page 256...
... Capital Costs1 $/kgal/yr $/kgal/yr $/kgal/yr $/kgal/yr $/kgal/yr Please list major project components separately (e.g., treatment, spreader basins, reuse distribution sys.) and year constructed.

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