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10 Committee Recommendations
Pages 157-162

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From page 157...
... There are two principal reasons for the current and projected challenges in meeting the need for expertise: there is little nuclear and radiochemistry taught at the undergraduate and graduate level and there are too few graduate programs with more than a single nuclear or radiochemist to support education and workforce needs. Adding nuclear and radiochemistry to the core chemistry curriculum and including it in American Chemical Society degree accreditation criteria would be of tremendous benefit for both understanding and redressing the gap between supply and demand for the field.
From page 158...
... Further more, as with most science funding, it is not clear that currently favorable federal funding levels will continue, despite the critical role of nuclear and radiochemistry in national security and environmental protection. Faculty positions are supported by universities if there is sustained research funding to build and maintain robust programs.
From page 159...
... • Provide support to or collaborate with university chemistry depart ments that seek expertise in nuclear and radiochemistry, but lack resources to provide additional coursework, operate specialized facilities, or hire new faculty to meet their needs. • Collaborate in the education of 2- and 4-year college faculty to enable: Preparation of modular educational materials for high schools and colleges that include both class and laboratory work that can be used for distance learning (e.g., webcasts)
From page 160...
... Survey of Earned Doctorates or another federally funded data collection service. The NSF Division of Statistics, Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, and Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics should be called on to assist federal agencies in determining additional suitable metrics for tracking the quantity and quality of nuclear and radiochem istry expertise.
From page 161...
... , the projected supply of U.S. nuclear and radiochemistry expertise will barely meet basic demands for at least the next 5 years (Table 8-3)

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