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Appendix G: Positron Emission Tomography Radiopharmaceuticals
Pages 193-194

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From page 193...
... Radiopharmaceuticals Chromitope Mallinkrodt Cr-51 Sodium 51Cr-chromate Red Blood Cell Labeling Ga-67 Ga-Gallium citrate Soft tissue tumor, Inflammatory processes 67 Indium In 111 oxyquinoline In-Indium oxyquinoline Luekocyte and platlet labeling 111 MPI Indium DTPA In 111 In-Indium Pentetate disodium Cerebrospinal fluid kinetics 111 ProstaScint In-Indium Capromab Prostate Tumor 111 Pendetide Octreoscan In-Indium Pentetreotide Neuroendocrine tumors 111 Gastroenteropancreatic tumors Zevalin In -Ibitumonmab iuxetan non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 111 Sodium Iodide I 123 Sodium 123I-iodide Thyroid uptake Datscan I-Ioflupane Striatal Dopaminae Transporters 123 Adreview I-Iobenguane Pheochromacytoma, Neuroblastoma 123 Glofil I-Iothalamate Glomerular filtration measurement 125 Jeanatope I-human Serum Albumin Total blood and plasma volume 125 Megatope I-human Serum Albumin Total blood and plasma volume 131 Bexxar I-Tositumomab non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 131 Sodium Iodide I 123 Sodium 123I-iodide Thyroid uptake Technetium Generator Tc-Pertechnetate Thyroid, salivary and parathyroid 99m Technelite glands, ectopic gastric mucosa, Ultra-Technekow FM dacryocystography, cystography Neurolite Tc-Bicisate (ECD) Cerebral Perfusion 99m Hepatolite-CIS Tc-Disofenin (DISIDA)
From page 194...
... Infarct imaging, in vivo Red blood cell 99m Technescan PYP Amersham labeling PYP Cardiolite Miraluma Tc-Sestamibi Myocardial blood flow, Breast tumor 99m DMSA Tc-Succimer (DMSA) Renal function 99m Sulfur Colloid Tc-Sulfur Colloid Liver/spleen gastric emptying, GI bleeds 99m AN-Sulfur Colloid Myoview Tc-Tetrofosmin Myocardial blood flow 99m Thallium Tl-Thallium chloride Myocardial blood flow, Parathyroid, Tumor 201 Xenon Xe-xenon gas Pulmonary ventilation 133 Radiotherapeutics Zevalin Y-Ibitumonmab Tiuxetan non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 90 Bexaar I-Tositumomab non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 131 Metastron Sr-strontium bone pain from skeletal metastases 89 Quadramet Sm Lexidronin bone pain from skeletal metastases 153 Sodium Iodide I 131 Sodium 131I-iodide Thyroid therapy HICON Phosphocol 32 P-Chromicphosphate Intracavity malignancies 32 *

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