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Appendix D: Description of Tour of Pendik Veterinary Control and Research Institute
Pages 137-140

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... As one of three labs in Turkey with the ability to both isolate and identify avian influenza virus, PVCRI played a key role in recent efforts to detect and combat avian influenza in Turkey. In 2006, MARA and the Turkish Ministry of Health produced a new coordinated preparedness and response plan for avian influenza that called for PVCRI and two other labs to expand their capabilities and begin performing virus pathogenicity characterization on-site.
From page 138...
... . The HVAC system is supported by an emergency generator and has a redundant exhaust fan as well as redundant HEPA filter banks, as PVCRI's mission requires it be operational every day with the exception of scheduled maintenance shut downs.
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... member. SOURCE: Barbara Johnson, committee member.

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