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... The international workshop examined biosafety and biosecurity issues related to the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of high-containment biological laboratories -- equivalent to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention biological safety level 3 or 4 labs. Although these laboratories are needed to characterize highly dangerous human and animal pathogens, assist in disease surveillance, and produce vaccines, they are complex systems with inherent risks.
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... To ameliorate some of these problems, several participants suggested continuing to engage the International Air Transport Association, the United Nations Committee on Dangerous Goods Transport, and national governments in dialogs to better define the requirements for safe transport and to accurately characterize the associated risks. NATIONAL REGULATIONS Many workshop attendees expressed the need for regulatory frameworks that support safe and secure research without adding undue burdens.
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... 3 Overview neutral, national and regional platforms for discussions among stakeholders from multiple agencies and encouraging the adoption of a biosafety culture. Additionally, individual "champions" could take up the cause and spread the message in their countries and regions.

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