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Section 9-- Information and Organization
Pages 75-77

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From page 75...
... In that connection, organizational mechanisms may be similar to others but with a major difference, i,e., that of'reSPOIisibility. Since the certification program will be reflected in tariffs, the federal regulatory agency responsible should ensure that the certification program reflects that responsibility.
From page 76...
... Various standing committees on continuing problems could be organized and short~ange ad hoc groups would function on specific problems such as the phasing-in period for the proposed standards and certification program for direct-eonnection equipment. Another important area is that of coordination with the state regulatory agencies to foster a negree of uniformity on technical matters.
From page 77...
... Phase-in Standards Independent "Innovation" Computer Communi- State PUC Program Agency Lab and Technician Conferences cations Equipment Coordination Task ForcE Development Certification process Seminars .....

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