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... 76 APPENDIX D Additional Information TABLE D1 TOTAL ANNUAL RIDERSHIP Agency Name Annual Riders AC Transit 69,689,000 Afifi 1,000,000 BART 356,000,000 Carris 325,000,000 COTA 16,700,000 CHT 7,291,460 CityBus 4,900,000 FAX 18,250,000 GBTA 5,200,000 KCATA 15,250,000 MARTA 150,000,000 METRO 2,702,929 MNCR 70,000,000 MTC 315,000,000 NRail 1,000,000,000 PACE 35,000,000 PARTA 1,490,000 RTC 8,687,260 RA/S NR STL 20,330,000 ST 180,000,000 SL 672,000,000 TCPT 27,000,000 TheBus 77,000,000 TAS 250,000,000 TMovia 207,000,000 TfL NR TriMet 101,500,000 Note: NR = not reported.
From page 79...
... Send chapelh 1602 to 41411 Real-time arrival times for CHT buses at stop ID 1602 Send 511 dep [stop id]
From page 80...
... SMS-MT: "Stop 12345, Line 123: 11:34, 12:08, 12:41 - Information current as of 11:45 Stop number is confirmed along with the route. The next three times reflect the next three bus arrivals along with the time the information was generated.
From page 81...
... TRB Transportation Research Board TSA Transportation Security Administration U.S.DOT United States Department of Transportation TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD 2009 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE*
From page 82...
... W ashing to n, D .C . 20001 A D D R ESS SER VICE R EQ UESTED TRB A Synthesis of Transit Practice Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration My Favorite Stops bus tracker by text bus tracker by textJot down your favorite stops and take this card with you whenever you travel.

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