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Appendix A: Statement of Task
Pages 55-56

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... where sophisticated biomedical experiments can be conducted using the heavy ions encountered in the space radiation environment. For projecting cancer risk for ISS crews and to support trade study assessments of potential lunar, NEO, and Mars missions, NASA uses the model recommended by the National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)
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... NASA has updated its Space Radiation Cancer Risk Model based on recent developments including the following: • BEIR-VII, UNSCEAR-2006, and other reports in the scientific literature have made new assessments of human radio-epidemiology data and DDREFs; • New research results from NSRL have begun to modify the understanding of radiation quality and dose rate effects; and • NASA's revised evaluation of uncertainty factors. Because it is used to project the cancer risk for current ISS crews and future explorations missions, this NASA update to its Space Radiation Cancer Risk Model requires independent review and validation.

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