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Appendix A: Committee and Staff Biographies
Pages 181-186

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From page 181...
... His strong interests in community outreach and education have been demonstrated over the years through his teaching geology at C ­ ompton Community College, serving on the board of directors for the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, and serving on and chairing numerous advisory councils and committees of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
From page 182...
... Dr. Dieterich recently launched a new effort to investigate fault slip and earthquake processes in geometrically complex fault systems, which includes development of large-scale quasidynamic simulations of seismicity in fault systems, and investigation of the physical interactions and stressing conditions that control system-level phenomena.
From page 183...
... is research professor at the University of Utah, where he holds a dual appointment in mechanical engineering and civil and environmental engineering. He is also a Schlumberger Senior Advisor and was one of the founders and former President and Chief Executive Officer of TerraTek, a geomechanics engineering firm, which was acquired by Schlumberger in 2006.
From page 184...
... These programs and products include both hydrocarbon reservoir fluids monitoring from low-frequency passive seismic and microseismic monitoring associated with h ­ ydraulic fracturing and fluid injection/removal. Rob is the Director of the Low Frequency Seismic Partnership, an industrial research consortium studying the application of lowfrequency passive seismic methods to hydrocarbon fluid mapping.
From page 185...
... He has chaired the NRC Geotechnical Board and three NRC study committees, and served as a member of several other NRC study committees. He has received numerous awards, including the ­ orman Medal and the Outstanding Projects and Leaders Award from the N American ­ ociety of Civil Engineers, and the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific S Achievement.
From page 186...
... in history, with a focus on the history of science and early American history, from Western Connecticut State University in 2004. He began working for the National Academies in 2006 and has primarily supported the board on a broad array of Earth resources, mapping, and geographical sciences issues.

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