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Appendix H: Pore Pressure Induced by Fluid Injection
Pages 225-228

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From page 225...
... The diffusion equation imposes a certain structure on the link between the magnitude of the induced pore pressure Δρ, the injected fluid volume V, and the rate of injection Qo. As an example, we consider the injection of fluid at a constant volumetric rate Qo, at the center of a disk-shaped reservoir of thickness H and radius R
From page 226...
... actually indicates that the large-time pore pressure is simply the ratio of the injected volume over the reservoir volume, divided by the storage coefficient. The previous material provides some information about the link between pore pressure, injected volume, and injected rate for the particular case of an injector centered in a diskshaped reservoir.
From page 227...
... This plot indicates that the pressure response is similar to the response of an unbounded reservoir as long as t ≤ 0.2 and that the pressure is approximately uniform and proportional to the volume of fluid injected when t ≥ 10. The dashed-line curves correspond to the solution F for an unbounded reservoir.
From page 228...
... Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

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