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Executive Summary
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... Congress directed the U.S. Department of Energy to request that the National Research Council examine the scale, scope, and consequences of seis­ micity induced during fluid injection and withdrawal activities related to geothermal energy development, oil and gas development including shale gas recovery, and carbon capture and storage (CCS)
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... Hydraulic fracturing in a well for shale gas development, which involves injection of fluids to fracture the shale and release the gas up the well, has been confirmed as the cause for small felt seismic events at one location in the world. Wastewater disposal from oil and gas production, including shale gas recovery, typically involves injection at relatively low pressures into large porous aquifers that are specifically targeted to accommodate large volumes of fluid.
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... Executive Summary Although induced seismic events have not resulted in loss of life or major damage in the United States, their effects have been felt locally, and they raise some concern about addi­ tional seismic activity and its consequences in areas where energy development is ­ ngoing o or planned. Further research is required to better understand and address the potential risks associated with induced seismicity.

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