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Day Two--Welcome and Introduction
Pages 142-144

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From page 142...
... "While that is a lot to keep track of, there are tremendous advantages in having the workforce capacity and energy capacity of the state working together in one department." Michigan's effort is exemplified by the No Worker Left Behind Initiative, which Mr. Levin described as "the most aggressive workforce training program in any state of the nation." Since the initiative began in August 2007, more than 135,000 Michigan workers have undergone for in-demand degrees and certificates, he said.
From page 143...
... Whether they had lost their jobs or were still working, they needed new skills to work on electrification. Wayne State University and Michigan Technological University won competitive bids to serve as lead universities to run training programs.
From page 144...
... Now the Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth is talking to battery manufacturing companies setting up in the state about training workers, he said. Michigan has aggressively sought funding for training efforts, Mr.

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