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Roundtable: What Have We Learned and Next Steps
Pages 169-174

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From page 169...
... Harris said he was "extraordinarily impressed with what is going on in Michigan relative to the impression that newspapers give of the state of dire despair." He recalled an old GM advertising line, "It's Not Your Father's Oldsmobile," in the 1980s. "I think this is not the Michigan that your father knew as well," he said.
From page 170...
... But we need to continue to pull through the technology into demand and applications to get the vehicles out on the road." Measures such as federal fleet purchases, incentives to encourage cities to adopt alternative energy, and grid applications "all are important to continue to strengthen the foundation we have built here," Mr. Alexander said.
From page 171...
... In terms of market drivers, Mr. Krause said he "was a bit disappointed." The National Academies should address "why it is so difficult for federal agencies, which have their hands on certain levers, to incent this industry," he said.
From page 172...
... We still have to pay for the infrastructure." Louis Infante of Ricardo Engineering asked whether there are similar forums to discuss the broader changes required in transportation infrastructure of the future that are needed to support the battery industry. He asked if the National Academies sponsors a forum on the transportation system "that would allow all of us to see how the good work done here and supported by the state of 41 X Prizes of $10 million and up are awarded by the X Prize Foundation, a non-profit institute, for breakthrough accomplishments such as development of the first private vehicle for space and ultra fuel-efficient vehicles.
From page 173...
... Wessner agreed that "this country is not very systemically inclined, even in matters of great import, such as defense." While more should be done, the problem is always making such studies relevant to lawmakers busy with constituents and to Congressional committees, he added. The Transportation Research Board of the National Academies has a "vast range of ongoing work in this area," Dr.
From page 174...
... Deployment also will help development of manufacturing and the supply chain, and provide knowledge useful to advance everything from basic materials research to grid technology. "But let's stop talking about this stuff and let's get those vehicles, knowing that the first generation isn't going to be without some difficulty," he said.

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