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Probability and Statistical Physics / Connecting Microscopic and Macroscopic
Pages 53-58

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From page 53...
... It is surprisingly common for random microscopic events to produce predictable effects at a macroscopic level. The Brownian motion of any single particle of smoke is highly unpredictable, yet smoke spreads in a room at a predictable rate.
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... The intensity of the jiggling is described by the parameter k; larger values of k correspond to more intense jiggling and to more jagged cracks. The basic idea of Schramm-Loewner evolution converts any two dimensional, conformally invariant random process into 25 / Schramm-Loewner evolution for different values a one-dimensional Brownian motion.
From page 55...
... It is likely also that the critical exponents describing the correlation of nearby molecules are not as simple as they are in the two-dimensional case. So 21st century mathematical scientists still have their work cut out for them as they try to explain phase transitions in our three-dimensional world.
From page 56...
... This patent is for a "monolithic" A basic statistical method for determining how silicon chip that can compute closely related two paired sets of data are. FFT's; such chips are used An optical scanner locates a "bull's-eye" on in digital image processing, a label by finding the correlation between speech recognition, and scanned pixel sequences and the expected transmission as in cell phones.
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... 6446205 (2002) Citibank This patent proposes the Schwarz triply periodic minimal surface as a scaffold for regenerating human bone and organ tissue.
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... FUELING innovation and discovery 58

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