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4 Observations and Looking Forward
Pages 109-114

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From page 109...
... Because SMART Vaccines is built from a complex model, the committee chose to develop user-friendly software to better assist decision makers. The charge for this study did not call for producing a list of ranked vaccine candidates; instead it asked for the development of a conceptual prioritization model for new preventive vaccines and for that model to be tested against two to three vaccine candidates, at least one of which had an international focus.
From page 110...
... These data will have a relatively "hard" basis in some nations based on vari ous survey programs, surveillance systems, and one-time research efforts. The committee used such sources to estimate disease bur den and treatment costs for the United States and South Africa (see related data tables and sources in Appendix B)
From page 111...
... However, these attributes allow diverse users to consider broader perspectives and dimensions of assessment that will permit a more customized and relevant tool for decision makers worldwide. SMART Vaccines combines data from all three levels to create a series of calculated variables, all of which are reported to the user in the "dashboard" output interface (see Figure 3-16)
From page 112...
... Model Evaluation The committee's model evaluation process included the following steps: • verification of the software code by modeling consultants; • exercising the model by the committee and staff to determine if the output changed in meaningful ways; • replication of results from the 2000 IOM report on vaccine prioriti zation using its data and specifying a multi-attribute value function that used only $/QALY as the decision rule; and • construction of a worksheet "simulacrum" of the value model, as dis cussed in Chapter 3. As is common with software development, the most reliable method for checking the software's reliability is to place it in the hands of a user community and provide a process for error reporting and creating fixes for known defects.
From page 113...
... Enhancing the Software Capabilities The value of SMART Vaccines will depend, in part, on data that need to be generated as candidate vaccines evolve and as disease epidemiology becomes better characterized in different parts of the world. In the future ( beyond Phase II)

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