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Appendix A: Committee Biographies
Pages 145-150

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From page 145...
... He has served on several National Research Council committees and boards, most recently on the Committee on Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration, and is a founding member and past chair of the Water Science and Technology Board.
From page 146...
... She has managed the identification, preparation, and supervision of a number of water-related, natural resources, environmental, and disaster management projects in several countries and has led the preparation of several pieces of economic-sector work and implementation of technical assistance activities. She has conducted extensive economic studies in the context of sector work and project analysis and in-depth research in the economics of water resources management and development, demand management, water allocation, water pricing, water pollution control, and integrated planning.
From page 147...
... and American Concrete Institute; was editor of the international journal Structural Safety and the ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics; and chaired the Executive Committee of the International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability. He has served on the National Academies Building Research Board and the steering committee of the Disasters Roundtable and chaired the Assessment Panel for the NIST Building and Fire Research Laboratory.
From page 148...
... Dr. Laska's work includes studies on residential flood mitigation, hurricane response, coastal land-loss effects, coastal fisheries, community risk assessment and risk management for coastal hazards, use of information technology and GIS as support tools for disaster management, and evacuation of the vul nerable.
From page 149...
... His expertise and professional experience include probabilistic risk analysis for civil infrastructure facilities and probabilistic hazards analysis, including seismic and hydrologic events, reliability assessment, risk-based decision analysis, systems analysis, and seismic engineering. Currently, Dr.
From page 150...
... She was previously a geologist with the Washington State geologic survey where she produced earthquake hazard maps and served as a technical advisor to the state on volcanic hazards. She also served as the science coordinator for a National Science Foundation facility at The University of Texas at Austin conducting aerogeophysical surveys in Antarctica, and has worked for the Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses at the Southwest Research Institute conducting geophysical investigations near the proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility in support of volcanic hazard assessment.

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