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5 The Two-Year Curriculum in Mathematics
Pages 29-34

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... Yet very few students in community colleges ever progress beyond arithmetic or algebra. Though reforming mathematics education in the United States is an "enormous" job, said Bragg, changes at the community college level can help set the process in motion.
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... INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACHES The Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences also has conducted a survey about instructional approaches in two-year mathematics courses.1 Relatively few two-year courses offer special mathematics programs that provide support for minorities or women (11% and 6%, respectively)
From page 31...
... has made an extended commitment to reform in mathematics education. The AMATYC Crossroads in Mathematics Program2 led to follow-up programs called Beyond Crossroads3 and College Renewal Across the First Two Years, under the aegis of the Mathematical Association of America,4 which have tackled the implementation challenges inherent in reform.
From page 32...
... Report of Collective Observations from a Breakout Group on Mathematics Participants in the breakout session on mathematics education at the summit reported three main observations from their discussions during a plenary session of all Summit attendees: First, additional research about mathematics education at the community col lege level could lead to more informed policies and decision making. Second, successful evidence-based instructional systems for mathematics need to be identified.
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... As an example of an alternative approach, George Boggs said that some colleges have been giving refresher courses before students take the assessment exam, and some of these students then do not have to go through a whole semester of developmental mathematics. Jeannette Mowery from Madison Area Technical College, who was listening on the live webcast, e-mailed comments to the summit regarding developmental mathematics.

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