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Appendix D: IOM Recommendations from Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce (2008)
Pages 359-362

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From page 359...
... Enhancing Geriatric Competence Recommendation 4-1: Hospitals should encourage the training of residents in all settings where older adults receive care, including nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and patients' homes. Recommendation 4-2: All licensure, certification, and maintenance of certification for health care professionals should include demonstra tion of competence in the care of older adults as a criterion.
From page 360...
... One such mechanism should include the development of a National Geri atric Service Corps, modeled after the National Health Service Corps. Recommendation 5-2: State Medicaid programs should increase pay and fringe benefits for direct-care workers through such measures as wage pass-throughs, setting wage floors, establishing minimum percentages of service rates directed to direct-care labor costs, and other means.
From page 361...
... Recommendation 6-1: Federal agencies (including the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services) should provide support for the development and promulgation of techno logical advancements that could enhance an individual's capacity to provide care for older adults.

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